The Haliburton Amateur Luthiers' Organization


HALO (the Haliburton Amateur Luthiers' Organization) is a group of stringed instrument builders in Haliburton county who enjoy getting together to both build instruments, and to talk oever the techniques involved in instrument construction. We've independently finished three violins, two violas, one cello, and a guitar. We currently have in the works two cellos, three violins, a guitar, and a double bass. Each instrument has been painstakingly handmade and has our blood, sweat and tears in it.

Most of us learned the art of luthierie from Philip Davis, who teaches a one-week-long course in Haliburton, at the Haliburton School of the Arts during the summers. However we all felt that one week per year wasn't long enough to really keep us moving, so we started working on our own, and then in small groups once a week.

The members of HALO (some people are off-and-on members, who join in whenever they can make it) are; Bethany Houghton, Wendy Evenden-Loney, Ken Loney, Jennifer Wallums-Craig, Ernie Demuth, and Mike Laughlin.

Up until now, we've been simply building instruments with the intention of improving our skills, and creating an instrument that we can be proud of. Very soon we will be trying to implement a mandate for the group that applies good forestry ethics. We will be looking for locally grown, locally milled, managed forest wood. Some of our connections with the Haliburton Forest may soon make this mandate a reality for us.





Bass Scroll in the rough, with an iguana on top!                Some of the instruments get named. (they're our children!)                                            The back of a viola


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