Bethany Houghton has been using the Suzuki method (and her own altered Suzuki method for adults) in her teaching for over 10 years.


What is the Suzuki Method?


Suzuki is a classical music method focused on memorization, broadening overall repertoire, and auditory learning. It is generally offered to young children as a more relaxed alternative to the conservatory method. Adult and advanced students are able to take a similar modified method including more intense theory lessons and small string ensembles. No marked exams are expected, though RCM examination preparation will be provided upon request. At the completion of each book, a small graduation performance will be given, and the students will be asked to participate in regular formal recitals.

The Suzuki method was created in Japan by Shinichi Suzuki over eighty years ago, and it was based on the premise that all children can learn and enjoy music, and that students from all over the world could play the same pieces together, making such things as language barriers invisible.

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Lessons for children as young as 4 up to the age of 6 begin with one 15 minute lesson once a week, and depending on concentration levels and speed of learning, may move up to 30 minutes per week.  Adults and older children start at a 30 minute lesson, and move up to 45 minutes or 60 minutes per week depending on muscle strain and concentration levels.

Prices for lessons are as follows;

15 minute lesson - $10.00 per lesson.
30 minute lesson - $20.00 per lesson.
45 minute lesson - $30.00 per lesson.
60 minute lesson - $40.00 per lesson.

All lessons are paid for at the beginning of the month, or when lessons start (pre-determined monthly cheques).  If a lesson must be cancelled, no refund will be made unless the student calls no later than 8 hours before the arranged lesson.  

Instrument rentals or purchases (of all sizes) can be arranged through Bethany Houghton. Smaller cello players will also need a chair or stool of appropriate height.  


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